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I was surfing around clicking links and ended up on this site that features Furry Comics!  This is some really amazing stuff combining furry porn with comic storylines like I have never seen before so if you are into furries at all or just really curious you should check this out.  For your pleasure I managed to grab a sample page from one of the porn comic series!

Reckless Fur is a spin-off series surrounding the new adventures of Ke’ress our reckless furry squirrel character from the Quest for Fun series. She’s not exactly considered your every day good-guy. A mercenary and bounty hunter wanted by the law all together. Captain Clint is always hot on her tail. Our story unfolds with Ke’ress breaking out of jail, but is captured once again by Clint. Will she manage to elude Clint and return to her adventurous life of crime? Become a Loyal Member to find out!

furry comic
furry comic

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