Balls in ass and pussy

Kinky anime girl shows balls in her ass and pussy trying to relieve her sexual tension only to find that she needs a GIRLFRIEND with a double headed dildo to fuck her brains out.  This is weird because you always hear about ‘ping pong shows’ and such from asia but I have never seen anime that followed the ping ‘myth’ so this is crazy and cool imo!  Check out the free vids

analballs.jpg ballsinpussyandass.jpg

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Hardcore cartoon porn

I’m not sure if these are actual cartoons from TV or just toons the artist decided to make into dirty sluts but either way I’m happy with the resulting cartoon porn he created!  The hardcore cumshots and skinny female toons getting fucked are probably my favorites.

12.jpg 05.jpg

See more hardcore comic cartoons in this free gallery

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Inspector Gadget and Brain fucking Penny

I don’t know if Inspector Gadget is still on TV but I used to watch it a bit as a kid but I never realized what a dirty slut Penny was!!  I must not have seen this episode where Inspector Gadget exposes his ‘unit’ and fucks Penny while the dog waits its turn and licks her pussy with its long tongue… nope I’m pretty pissed I missed this episode but luckily if you like this type of cartoon porn then you can get all you ever wanted at Comics Toons

01.jpg 02.jpg 14.jpg

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Kim Possible toon fucked

Anyone that has watched TV has probably run across this redhead toon girl that fights evil with the help of some geeks and a weird hamster type animal.  I’ve never watched Kim Possible much but now that I have seen what a dirty girl she can be maybe I’ll pay more attention next time I go tv surfing!!  Look at how Kim Possible takes the cock in her pussy and lets that little weird gerbil thing eat her ass, wtf a real pervert she is and I love her for it!  Visit the site to see her taking a dick in the ass and more cartoon porn…

kimpossible1.jpg kimpossible2.jpg kimpossible3.jpg

Comics Toons for more crazy cartoon porn >

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Black anime girl nude

Well this isn’t exactly weird but it is unique, you don’t see too much black anime porn but I managed to find one for you!  This sexy ebony anime girl is dark as chocolate and hot as hell, wonder if she’ll melt in my mouth?!  I’m partial to her short hair and cute face, with the perky boobs and big eyes she’s a picture of innocence ready to be voilated.  Of course you can’t ignore the stereotype of a ghetto booty typical of black girls, this ebony anime girl however doesn’t seem to have as big an ass as I would hope for but even without it she is a hottie you can’t find anywhere else but at AnimeFuckSluts

blackanimegirl1.jpg blackanimegirl2.jpg

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Anime video

Check out this daily updated anime video link I found:

Video Of The Day

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Simpsons sex cartoon

Holy shit, I love watching the Simpsons on TV but this takes it to a whole new level!  Check it out, Lisa Simpson gets double penetrated by Bart and Milhouse and takes a huge cumshot from that geek Milhouse!!!  This is some of the weirdest most awesome cartoon porn I have ever seen, that cute innocent Lisa Simpson getting both her holes split wide open by her brother and his best friend is just dirty on so many levels and yet arousing too…  Hell I don’t judge, if you enjoy this stuff then visit Comics Toons where I found it!

simpsonssex1.jpg simpsonssex2.jpg simpsonssex3.jpg simpsonssex4.jpg simpsonssex5.jpg 

See more of this dirty cartoon orgy

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Anime nurse in bondage

Sometimes I love a chick in bondage and this free vid I found really got me excited.  This anime nurse girl on a leash forced to act like a dog before she is forced to pleasure a cock and get her pussy licked like a slut.  Something about the big innocent eyes on these anime girls makes me want to protect them and cuddle until I see a vid like this then I just want to use them as a cum dumpster!



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Dickgirl stripper

Wow, I never knew I could be so aroused by a girl with a dick but damn this dickgirl is HOT and the fact she is playing on a stripper pole just makes it ever more dirty and exciting! 

02.jpg 13.jpg

See more at

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Vampire anime girl

I’m not sure if I am aroused or scared of this hot vampire anime girl?!   Her body is smoking hot and the see through top she is wearing gives a good glimpse of her perky boobs but then again I’m not sure I would like to wake up to her sucking my blood… or giving me a blowjob!  Those vampire teeth are scary, but what the fuck it’s all fantasy so enjoy 😉

013.jpg 11.jpg

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